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Cover King Group s.r.o. is a European manufacturer of laminate superstructures, cover of pickups beds, manufacturer of fibreglass motor boats and recreational craft. More at or

"Cover King Top" - is a registered trademark for Europe

Most pick-up truck users over time find that the use of an open car body prevents the load or luggage from being safely stored. The load is exposed to non-residents, weather conditions, the cabin occupies the place and creates a mess, not to mention the transport of domestic animals.

We offer a solution to this issue. We have prepared a variety of options for you to effectively use your car body. From the simplest variant (the Jumbo Box, the Jumbo Box,maxbox,gladiator box), through the superstructures(hardtops) of various shapes, to special bodyworks in demanding conditions (rescue items, assembly companies, etc.). You can also choose the design or the level of equipment.

All our hardtops and canopies are mounted without the need to drill into the car body. For fixed mounting, four to six clamps are used to secure the body in the correct position in relation to the vehicle. Cover King Top hardtops are made by hand lamination using high quality mats and resins or by vacuum lamination. We currently manufacture hardtops for all European pickup trucks (Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, VW) and American Dodge RAM and F-150 - we are ready for you to do custom-made or special requests. Thanks to our long-term presence in the market we can provide spare parts not only for our hardtops but also for other manufacturers' products.

Laminate hardtops, canopies, sportLids - covers, hulls, frames, winches, body liners and many other accessories for Ford pickup trucks, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota.

If you hesitate or choose a laminate body or today's popular ABS plastic products do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the products.

We are a bodybuilder and COVER KING car maker and Cover King Boats manufacturer - see